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Students Awards Honor Best DigiPen Games of 2013

2013 marked another incredible year for student game projects, as the steep competition at the DigiPen Game Awards proved.

The team behind the excellent time-shifting puzzle game Chrono Disfunglement received the coveted Claude Comair Game of the Year Award and $3,000 in prize money. Chrono Disfunglement was a senior project initially developed by a team of five students from DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore. They later added four student members from the Redmond campus — where the Singaporean team studied this past semester as part of DigiPen’s Overseas Immersion Program — to complete the project.

Two junior game projects — the multiplayer vehicle combat game Rekkage and 3D stealth action game Exitus — tied for second and third place in the overall best game category, each splitting $1,500 in prize money.

The DigiPen Game Awards are held every April to recognize the best student games as decided by DigiPen’s student body. The awards include a wide range of categories across all grade levels, with several awards split between game projects that use either a custom-made or pre-built game engine.

The DigiPen faculty also presented the special M.J. Quigley Award (named after its first recipient in 2012) to junior student Josh Salyers, recognizing his outstanding extracurricular contributions to the DigiPen campus community.

Congratulations to all the teams who received nominations and awards! You can read the full list of winners below. Be sure to look for these and other games in the DigiPen Game Gallery over the coming weeks and months.

DigiPen Game Awards

List of Awards

Claude Comair Game of the Year Award

1st Place — Chrono Disfunglement

2nd & 3rd runners up (tie) — RekkageExitus


M.J. Quigley Award — Josh Salyers


Best 3D Visual Design (Custom Engine) — Chrono Disfunglement

Best 3D Visual Design (Pre-built Engine)Spare Parts: Lutin’s Folly

Best 2D Visual DesignA Fistful of Duckies

Best Graphics Technology (Custom Engine) — Chrono Disfunglement

Best Physics Technology (Custom Engine) — Rekkage

Best Game Character — Exitus

Best A.I. (Custom Engine) — Exitus

Best A.I. (Pre-built Engine)Frozen Masquerade

Best Multiplayer — Rekkage

Best Original Music — Exitus

Most Addictive Game — Rekkage

Most Innovative Design — Chrono Disfunglement

Best Poetic ExperienceFlickers


Best Master’s Game (Custom Engine)Apart

Best Master’s TechnologyEcliptic 2

Best Live Action GameOutbreak

Best Senior Game (Custom Engine) — Chrono Disfunglement

Best Senior Game (Pre-built Engine)Reboot

Best Senior Technology — Chrono Disfunglement

Best Junior Game (Custom Engine) — Rekkage

Best Junior Game (Pre-built Engine) — Frozen Masquerade

Best Junior Technology — Rekkage

Best Sophomore Game (Custom Engine)Temple of the Water God

Best Sophomore Technology — Temple of the Water God

Best Freshman Game (Custom Engine)Mitosis

Best Freshman Game (Pre-built Engine)Perception

Best Freshman Technology — Mitosis