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Solace Secures a Spot in the PAX 10

Each year, a panel of industry experts review more than 100 gameplay submissions ranging in style and platform. Out of this pool, the committee selects the ten best submissions to be recognized as The PAX 10.

This year a DigiPen game, Solace, was selected to be featured in The PAX 10. The game is a rhythm, shooter, sidescroller that provides an interactive aesthetic experience. It uses dynamic audio and bullet shell overtones to provide a unique perspective on the five stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

This game was developed by One Man Down, a sophomore game team at DigiPen comprised of Robert Francis, Jordan Hemenway, Daniel Rosas, and Jami Lukins. Like all games developed at DigiPen, students created everything from the ground up, including the code, the game engine, the artificial intelligence, the music, and the overall gameplay experience.

We are thrilled for the Solace game team and their success. We look forward to cheering them on at PAX in September!

To see the complete PAX 10 list, please go to To find out more about the team, visit its website at:

Visit the Game Gallery to download and play Solace.