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More Than 75 Student Games Join the DigiPen Game Gallery

Looking for something fun to play? Be sure to check out the DigiPen Institute of Technology online Game Gallery.

We’ve recently added more than 75 student-developed games from the 2015-16 academic year — with even more on the way!

Not sure where to start? Some highlights include the 3rd-person action adventure Ascension, winner of the Claude Comair Grand Prize for Game of the Year at the 2016 DigiPen Game Awards, or the dream-world puzzle game Somnus, one of five nominated games at the upcoming E3 College Game Competition.

Animus Fault screenshot
Animus Fault game screenshot

For fans of first-person shooters, try out the cooperative game Antigen, a hacker-themed dungeon crawler filled with procedurally generated levels and loot. Other 3D shooters include Rafflesia, Chrono-Drive and Animus Fault.

There’s more great action to be found in this year’s 2D games, such as the sci-fi space shooter Revolver Star, a game that challenges players to take on an entire armada using a range of psychic powers. Save the planet from a horde of wedding-crashing aliens in Fusion Force. Or bounce your way through four challenging levels in the cute platformer Pogo Pug.

Pogo Pug screenshot
Pogo Pug game screenshot

Those looking for something a little more tactical or puzzling can check out the grid-domination game Dye or Die, the turn-based HARD_CODE, or take on the role of a princess who must rescue her hapless knights in the puzzle adventure Princess of Anarchy.

Whether you’re in the mood for a fast-paced fighting game or a contemplative narrative-based journey, there’s bound to be something that sparks your interest.

HARD_CODE screenshot
HARD_CODE game screenshot

DigiPen student games are free to download and play on the Windows PC platform. Find all of these titles and more at: